They recreate the journey of Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings in Elden Ring and it’s the best you’ll see today!

Frodo and Sam travel as two Without Light in this journey through the Middle Lands that combines both worlds in a single video; Elden Ring and Lord of the Rings are one for a few moments.

One Elden Ring player (rather two) has created a perfect marriage of FromSoftware’s game with the universe of The Lord of the Rings created by JRR Tolkien.

Frodo and Sam’s journey through the midlands is perfectly recreated. From the costumes to the performance of the two Sin Luz, everything is measured with overwhelming coordination.

Their lore could be complicated, they could have magic, shiny swords, well designed monsters and even a ring in their title. But Elden Ring isn’t The Lord of the Rings unless someone puts them together.

That someone is user PickleLover, who has attracted an unprecedented fanatical audience from both worlds with his video on TikTok.

This creation has reached other social networks such as Twitter, where many users have freaked out seeing how two characters look like hobbits and travel through an earth that is not theirs.

Two users playing Elden Ring in cooperative mode donned the attire of the Halflings and appeared as two of the protagonists of The Lord of the Rings.

And that’s not all, they have weapons that seem to be taken from the Imaginarium, they behave like them and the environment in the game even looks like the one created by Peter Jackson for the trilogy.

Illusory Wall Ahead

Everyone knows (at least if they’ve seen the movies) that Frodo and Sam’s journey leads from The Shire (Bolson!) to Mordor, and that’s exactly what you see in the video.

Albeit a bit more summarized and based on the encounter with the elves. Each scene deserves to be appreciated as a detail that differs from the next.

They are not in chronological order, but some of them that can be seen during gameplay in Elden Ring are these:

  • Frodo leaves Rivendell.
  • Frodo and Sam’s first night out with their Pa-ta-tas.
  • A scene where they hide from one of the Nazgûl before reaching Bree.
  • Frodo carries Dardo while glowing.
  • Sam saves Frodo from She-Rabbit, with the latter lying down and Sam carrying the sword.
  • Journey through Mordor.
  • Hide from Saurom’s eye.
  • Frodo and Sam finally reach Orodruin’s hill.

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Everything is a great epitaph in homage to the union of both creations. The rest is up to the viewer and giving it the meaning that they see fit.

Despite the limitations that Elden Ring has in relation to The Lord of the Rings, the union of both worlds was pretty good.

If you want to recreate both worlds yourself, PickleLover is happy to offer advice on in-game clothing and situations.