Steam Deck already has more than 2400 playable titles and more than half with verified status or 100% compatible

Valve and the various companies are constantly adding games to the Steam Deck catalog. The portable platform continues to integrate games and already includes up to 2,400 playable titles.

The release of the Steam Deck wasn’t a traditional premiere, so to speak. It’s not like the device was available for purchase on any given day. However, this Valve invention is already reaching various households.

The main advantage and incentive to buy this “portable PC” is the huge catalog of games behind it. Steam’s library is huge and to all this we have many more game options to add.

However, adapting this huge number of games takes time for the company and its employees. Fortunately, more and more games are being added to the “playable” list in Steam Deck.

According to a report by, Steam Deck already has more than 2,400 “playable” games, just over half of which are console verified (specifically 1,261 titles).

Remember that Steam Deck has divided the games you can find here into four sections:

  • Verified on Deck: The game starts and plays without you having to do anything.
  • Playable: The title is playable, although some measures need to be taken, e.g. B. the configuration of the controller.
  • Unsupported – The game does not work on the Steam deck.
  • Unknown – compatibility not checked yet

Aside from Valve’s work on updating games, the company has also made some improvements that add options and expand the capabilities of the Steam Deck.

If you want to know more about Steam Deck, this is what the machine costs:

  • Version with 64 GB eMMC memory for 419 euros.
  • Version with 256 GB NVMe SSD for 549 euros
  • Version with 512 GB NVMe SSD and anti-glare screen for 679 euros

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You can still get your Steam deck, but you shouldn’t wait until after Q3: October 2022 or later. Caution, because the coveted machine is in the crosshairs of many speculators.

So be patient as you’ll also have to wait for an email from Valve to validate the purchase and verify shipping info and other last-minute specs. What do you think of Steamdeck?

Among the most outstanding novelties that we had on this platform is that the Steam Deck client has been updated and now includes the option to install Windows 11, the lock screen and battery optimization improvements.