Sony’s purchase of Square Enix was the big rumor in March, and yesterday’s sale to Embracer may indicate Square Enix’s intent

The week started off strong with the sale of Square Enix’s western studios to Embracer. But with that, the rumors about a possible total sale to Sony appear again.

As so often in this field of rumors, journalist Jeff Grubb has caught fire again. A tweet from him after the news broke caused the internet to be filled with rumors about the same thing again.

Last we heard of this was from Bloomberg, as Square Enix was “open” to potential merger negotiations within another company’s org chart.

This was of course denied by the company within a few hours. Now Grubb wanted to clarify by commenting: “Well, I’ve said that a thousand times, but there’s always someone who sees it for the first time:

We never hear enough acquisition reports with certainty. That Sony was buying Square was the big rumor. But I can’t confirm it. And I still can’t tell.”

All because one of their tweets made it to this Reddit thread, where they cite a GIF in response. But like everything and although it implies something, of course it cannot be confirmed for the time being.

In the Twitter thread, he continued: “The way these things work, nobody wants to talk to us about underwriting.

Someone once wanted to talk to me about Bethesda if I had guessed beforehand, but I did it like any other publisher and never said Bethesda.”

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He ends with an interesting comment: “Well, now you know as much as I do. I think Square Enix is ​​trying to position itself as best we can for an acquisition.”

We talked about this before when we discussed the reasons that led Square Enix to sell its western studios. Especially in terms of numbers, because last year they recorded millionaire losses in their games division for Marvel’s Avengers.

“But it doesn’t mean anything, these deals can be dropped or turned down entirely, it happens all the time.”

In any case, we must be alert to what may happen in the coming weeks. Although this is all because of their Western studies, many already know that they do quite well in Japan.

The fact that Final Fantasy XIV digital sales have been temporarily suspended due to its popularity, or that the saga in general has sold 161 million copies in the past year are a few examples.

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You have to put things into perspective, although this issue of purchases by large multinationals is something that scares many players.

At the moment we’ll see whether this “really big” purchase, which Sony is preparing according to two well-known journalists, will finally materialize or fizzle out in the end.

If you’re curious, 2022 started off strong by revealing what it would cost to buy Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom, Sega, Square Enix, and other major video game companies, and that Square Enix would not have unveiled its next PS5 exclusive.