Returnal is updated with patch 3.03. and balance the difficulty of the Tower of Sisyphus

Without a doubt, Returnal was one of the most interesting PlayStation 5 exclusives in its early months. Not surprisingly, the Housemarque title won Game of the Year at the BAFTA Games Awards.

Surely many of you have already finished Selene’s adventure (of course, sweating more than necessary) in Atropos. In that case, of course, the free Returnal Ascension DLC awaits you.

This came with the 3.0 update. for Returnal, including a 2-player cooperative mode (who can join the game at any time) and The Tower of Sisyphus challenge mode. Both are quite a vice that lengthens the duration of the title.

Housemarque released Patch 3.03 today. for return. From their official website, they recall that the update will be automatically applied in PlayStation 5 rest mode.

What’s new in this patch? It mainly deals with bug fixes and other aspects of the Tower of Sisyphus and the co-op modes. Returnal has always been a tough game (as a good roguelike), but it’s a big challenge in challenge mode.

The 3.03 patch. Adjusts the difficulty of Sisyphus’ Tower, making it easier to defeat certain enemies at higher levels. Some bugs have also been fixed, such as one affecting the Algos boss.

These are the patch notes for 3.03. for return:

error correction

  • Sisyphus Tower: Audio Log 94 has been added to an additional location in the tower
  • Sisyphus Tower: Fixed a rare issue where Algos could refuse to die or die too early in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Increased leaderboard scrolling speed.
  • Co-op: Fixed various issues where the client or host could encounter a black screen or hang when switching between biomes during co-op play.
  • Cooperative: Various minor bugs in the game have been fixed.
  • Co-op: Fixed two rare crashes in co-op.

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All of these new features are available with patch 3.03. Surely now you will find it easier to face the challenge of the Tower of Sisyphus … although we have already told you that it will never be easy.

Returnal is exclusive to PlayStation 5. We remind you that the Housemarque title will also be included in the catalog of the new PS Plus and from Housemarque they hope that many more players will try it on the Sony console.