New data from Everywhere, the new Ready Player One game from Leslie Benzies, producer of the 3D GTA

Almost a few years ago we told you about Everywhere, an open sci-fi world. The next title from Leslie Benzies, producer of the GTA in three dimensions, has some influences.

After working at Rockstar North as a projector from GTA III to GTA V, the two Manhunt and as executive producer of other big titles like Red Dead Redemption or LA Noire, he made the leap into his personal development.

But years ago he left all that behind to focus on this Everywhere with a new team. Initially, it was known that the game will have a main campaign and an online cooperative mode.

And now, thanks to the Everywhere Network Twitter account, we have these new details of Benzies’ next and apparently new project in his development studio.

The first thing they say is that it’s a “real life” project a la Ready Player One, possibly immersion-focused multiplayer with custom avatars.

The next thing to be talked about is something that is already known, the game is meant to be an open world AAA game mixed with a multiplayer experience.

So far so good and interesting, but it’s presented as yet another game that wants to stand out in the middle. But the next few details that are mentioned make the title proposal stand out a little more from similar ones.

The account tells of an epic narrative with multiple chapters and user-generated content in a “virtual sandbox”. From here, the backlash becomes a little more visible when talking about RPO.

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The last two points say that players can create their own worlds within the game.

And not only that, as social integration and in-game streaming are planned as something deep; These two points remain to be unraveled a little further.

Presumably as the months of this 2022 progress, more details on all of this will emerge along with other news about the game.

The new video game studio founded by Leslie Benzies is called Build A Rocket Boy. You can take a look at the official website via this link.

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The description of Everywhere reads: “In the near future, technology has brought humanity to the precipice of global change.

There are those who want to use this technology to help only themselves and others want to help others. Will we look to the stars? Or just at our feet? Will they inspire us? Or will we live in fear?

It tells that in the hearts of men and women there is a war between good and evil. Everything changes. And there will be no turning back.

“It’s a game. It’s a community. It’s a new world. The storm is on the horizon. And that’s just the beginning of EVERYWHERƎ.”

Interesting at least, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this Everywhere to see if they continue to reveal details in 2022.