Ghostwire Tokyo is receiving an update adding VRR on PS5, better mouse and keyboard controls on PC, and performance improvements on both platforms

If you’ve been thinking about returning to the streets of Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo for PS5 and PC, now might be the best time, now that the game has been updated with meaningful implementations from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks.

The main novelty in PS5 is the introduction of VRR or Variable Refresh Rate, which brings about serious improvements in visual quality on TVs or monitors that support this option.

On the other hand, improvements to mouse and keyboard controls are added on PC, in addition to various fixes that we are now attaching. Finally, some cosmetics will also be added to celebrate Children’s Day on May 5th in Japan.

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Improvements on PS5 and PC

  • Improved overall performance
  • Revised starting values ​​for player camera options
  • Adjusted gamepad analog stick deadzone and added options to customize deadzone
  • Fixed collision issues in some environments.
  • Text improvements for some languages ​​like French
  • Fixed sharpness option when using FSR 1.0

PS5 fixes

  • Fixed poor performance in quality mode.
  • Numerous fixes to main quests, side quests, and world events where performing certain actions could hinder progress.
  • Adjusted analog stick deadzone detection on PS4/PS5 controllers
  • Fixed an error that occurred when moving while crouching.
  • Fixed a bug spotted by a “Rogue” visitor.
  • Adjusted graphics for some complete outfits.
  • Fixed progression issue when talking to dogs.
  • Fixed a visual bug when talking to dogs.
  • Adjusted some relic hint texts
  • Fixed the behavior when switching tabs on the menu screen.
  • Fixed issue with database not updating on menu screen
  • Corrected age restriction settings for Sweden

PC fixes

  • Improved mouse/keyboard input when gaming
  • Added “Movie View Mode” option
  • If you are having issues with audio being out of sync in cutscenes, you can fix the problem by setting the “Movie Viewing Mode” to “Performance”.
  • Fixed progression issue with certain cutscenes.
  • Added warning screen when using too much VRAM
  • Fixed windowed mode issue on title screen
  • Fixed 5K resolution issue on title screen
  • Fixed difficulty selection issue

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Source: Bethesda