Free Honkai Impact May 2022 Reward Codes

The creators of Genshin Impact also have other video games on the market that are having a similar success among very fun playable proposals and if you don’t already know Honkai Impact 3rd we tell you that it is one of the titles that have quite a start Presence in the mobile phone market.

And if you want to start playing Honkai Impact or get free resources like coins, crystals or materials to level up your heroes, you’ve come to the right place.

So, in addition to telling you how to redeem free codes in Honkai Impact, we are also going to tell you the most updated list of these codes so that you can take advantage of them.

Free Honkai Impact May 2022 Reward Codes

To redeem the codes, you must first do the following:

  • Start the game on your phone
  • From the main screen, press the player ID located in the top left corner
  • click account
  • Type or paste the code in the “Trade Rewards” field and click “Trade”.

Updated Honkai Impact Codes May 2022

We currently only have one valid code, but more than enough to get you off to a pretty strong start with these bonuses:

  • CTNTH8T52XR3: 2,888 Asterites / 30 x Crystals / 1 x SSS Test Card Option

As you know, these codes expire, so we invite you to redeem them as soon as you stop reading this article so that you don’t lose them.

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