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Share name: Savage GOG

Size : 10MB

title : brutally

Genre: action, adventure

Developer: picture works

Publisher : mirror soft

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Release Date : December 31, 1987


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About this game:

Who is this beefy, burly, muscle-bound wonder? Who is this gallant, brave young Adonis? Deprived of all power and weapons, trapped in a dank, dark dungeon, who will find a way to escape the looming horrors of torture? Well, it’s you… you savage!

Yes, fearless one, you! Faced with extraordinary dangers, you must fight your way out of the castle, only to find you must return. Return once more for your love!

Use all your skill, determination and lightning-fast reactions to fight off the onslaught of dodgy monsters and menacing skulls. Save your girl and recover the special powers trapped deep in the castle maze.

Savage captures all the fun of high-speed arcade action in one amazing, challenging game. With fast, furious animated graphics, four different soundtracks, and a heroic storyline, it’s a game the whole family can play for hours!


AMAZING GRAPHICS are hurled at you with incredible speed. Countless meannesses are conjured up on a large, graphical scale.

THREE ACTION-PACKED LEVELS of the game will challenge you every time.

MAGICAL, MYTHICAL STORY packed with action, adventure and romance… for the hero in all of us!

System requirements for Savage free download


Operating system: Windows 7

Processor:: 1GHz

Memory: 128MB RAM

Graphics: Any 100% OpenGL capable (Card on Board)

Storage: 1 GB available storage space

Sound:: 100% DirectX 9 compatible card or onboard sound


Operating system: Windows 10

Processor:: 1.5GHz

Memory:: 256MB RAM

Graphics: Any 100% OpenGL capable (card or onboard)

Storage: 1 GB available storage space

Sound:: 100% DirectX 9 compatible card or onboard sound

How to install Savage free download

1. Download the game.

2. With extract WinRAR

3. Install the game.

4. Play!.

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