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Size : 908.86MB

title : Astrox Empire

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early Access

Developer: Jace Masula

Publisher : Jace Masula

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Release Date : March 22, 2019


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About this game:

Astrox Imperium is my attempt to create the space game I wanted to play but nobody created it. I wanted a single player open world space game similar to games I like like Homeworld and EVE, with economies, factions and a story. A game where I could adjust all the parameters and the universe came to life with new challenges every time I played it. I tried to take the best of what I liked from many of my favorite space games and combine them into something simple but deep, familiar but new that’s pleasantly addictive.

The human struggle for survival is an all too familiar one. As the planet collapsed into an ecological depression, humanity as a whole is forced to stretch its vision to the heavens. A great ship was being built, and the “Empire” would carry humanity into the future. With a new quantum technology at its core, the Empire was mankind’s greatest achievement. Putting all differences aside, the people of the world came together. The efforts of an entire generation bore fruit under a common goal. The Empire was ready to carry the dreams of all of us, and with them the hopes of a second chance.

No one knows the whole truth, but from what can be gathered here is what we do know. The Empire was destroyed and many of the human pioneers died during the event. The survivors gathered and began building a temporary home themselves from the wreckage of the ship. At first they waited for rescue, but it wasn’t long before the first accepted their fate.

It’s been 230 years now and humanity has been pretty busy out there in the stars. The history of the Empire passed down through the generations has all but faded.

The main game loops are fairly simple and familiar. What makes Astrox Imperium unique is the way you can easily slide between the different loops to maintain a comfortable level of progression without it feeling more “grinding” than you’d like. Sure, you can just mine bricks if you want, but Astrox Imperium gives you many different ways to advance your pilot.

As with most space games in this genre, mining is a big mechanic of Astrox. It’s the easiest way to earn credits and most players are familiar with how it works. You can also complete contract missions. These are randomly generated missions that offer a variety of tasks and objectives to complete. Some of these contracts are combat missions involving raiders, pirates, and sometimes regular NPCs. The combat missions add a bit more action to an otherwise relaxed game. The speed at which you progress is up to you. You’ll be presented with a range of gameplay options that allow you to customize the grind and speed of the gameplay. There are a number of small, interesting mechanics scattered throughout the game that have received a lot of attention and care, but you won’t find anything groundbreaking or innovative here. This game is designed to feel comfortable and familiar. The game loops are designed to be simple enough to quickly grasp and complex enough to enjoy for many hours.

Many of the classic mechanics from the space game genre have been incorporated into Astrox Imperium. Basic interface controls were developed using elements from some RTS and FPS games. All fan favorites and core elements of the game are included; Mining, Crafting, Trading, Refining, Fleets, Combat, Exploration, Survival and more. This game will look familiar to fans of the space survival / exploration game genre. Here is a list of the features that are currently in the game. Visit our community forum if you are looking for more information on upcoming features.

Overview of the basic functions

All of the features listed here are currently included in this Early Access release.

  • Open World – Free to do what you want, go where you want, do what you want.
  • Exploration – Over 100 maps to explore, each with unique resources, stations, structures and secrets.
  • Fly – You can fly your ships with mouse, WASD or point and click. (No controller support)
  • Camera Control – You have full control over the camera. 3D rotational focus, first and third person and follow behind views with many options.
  • Mining – 12 different types of resources to gather.
  • Skills – 100+ different skills to train.
  • Refining – Break down ore into raw materials and components used in crafting.
  • Crafting – Use these raw materials and components to craft new items.
  • Trade & Economy – Take advantage of the simulated economy with Trade.
  • Missions – 15 unique mission types. Order missions for the 18 game factions.
  • Factions – 18 factions, ratings affect all walks of life in the Astrox universe.
  • Combat – Real-time, dynamic, tactical and strategic. Hundreds of Weapons, ECM, Drones, Bombs, Ships and more.
  • Smart AI – Smart and plays by the same rules as you.
  • Life Support – Expand your exploration, manage and upgrade your life support systems.
  • Ships – Currently over 70 ships and counting.
  • Drones – 10 unique drones, each with special abilities. Automate their control or manage their tasks manually.
  • Fleets – Build a fleet of up to 10 Merc ships. Command and control their actions individually or as a group.

Which is NOT to be expected

  • Astrox is NOT a fast-paced space shooter… there is no mouse aiming.
  • Astrox is NOT an idle game. There are things you can do AFK, but this game requires user input to play.
  • Astrox is NOT multiplayer. I may add some co-op in the future, but Astrox will never be an MMORPG.
  • Astrox does NOT have AAA quality models and textures. Many are placeholders and will be replaced.
  • Astrox is NOT another vaporware EA project. The original Astrox was launched on March 23, 2014

What you can expect from me, the developer.

  • I will listen to all feedback and do my best to adjust the game to make it as good as possible.
  • I will not leave the game for long periods of time during Early Access.
  • I’ll be updating the game regularly, prioritizing bug fixes over new features and shiny do-dads.
  • I will be extremely active, approachable and available on our forums and discord channels.
  • I will not ruin the game with in-game payments, subscriptions, or anything that requires additional payment.
  • I will always be very grateful and grateful that you took some time to play Astrox. Thank you very much!

System requirements for Astrox Imperium free download


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit)

Processor: Intel Core® i5

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 470 / AMD Radeon® HD 6870 / DX10 compatible GPU with at least 2 GB VRAM

DirectX: version 10

Storage: 1 GB available storage space

Additional Notes: Only 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Operating system: Windows 10

Processor: i7Intel Core® i7

Memory: 8GB RAM

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970

DirectX: version 11

Storage: 1 GB available storage space

Additional Notes: Only 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.

How to install Astrox Imperium free download

1. Download the game.

2. With extract WinRAR

3. Install the game.

4. Play!.

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