All Free Codes for Best Roblox Games May 2022

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We present you the list of the most popular Roblox games of May 2022 with all the codes that are currently still working and that will bring you a lot of bonuses and rewards.

The Roblox universe continues to grow, with more and more proposals created by the community of players that in this way offer practically unlimited fun, and if we consider that every month we have to redeem dozens of codes for our games, the fun big endless.

But the most complicated thing is to know what are the most popular Roblox games and of course to find the most updated list of codes in order not to lose these bonuses.

That’s why in this article we not only show you the current Roblox games that are played the most, but also the most up-to-date list of codes so that you always have the latest codes before it’s too late.

Roblox: list of free codes for the best games from May 2022

In this guide we will introduce you to the most popular games, tell you what each of them is about, what codes are currently available and how to redeem them.

Roblox True Piece

In this adventure you can choose to be a pirate or a sailor while earning rewards and gaining reputation by increasing both your offensive and defensive power while learning many different skills such as combat skills or those with which you can explore much more of the world.

updated codes

  • 10 MILLVISITS : Reward Code for 3 Perk Spins, 30 Gems and 1 Hour Drop Boost
  • 100KMEMS: Code Reward of 3 Profit Spins, 30 Gems and 1 Hour Drop Boost

To redeem them you have to go to the configuration icon in the lower right corner of the screen, where a redemption window will open and you can enter the appropriate code.

Shindo life

It’s inspired by the Naruto license to live devilish adventures between different characters, where you can buy new weapons, specialize your fighting skills and obviously face other users.


  • ApoLspirT!: 200,000 RELLCoins
  • GenGen3Apol!: Free Spins
  • GenThreeYesson!: Free Spins
  • Gen3When!: Spins
  • BigOleSOUND!: Spins
  • k3Ns0uND!: Spins
  • SoUwUndKen!: Twists
  • G0DHPg0dLife!: Spins
  • SanpieBanKai!: Spins
  • SPNarumaki!: Spins
  • SixPathMakiboi!: Spins
  • VenGeance!: Spins
  • VenGeanc3!: Spins
  • Borumake!: Spins
  • 2022 is HERE!: 200 spins
  • 2YrsDev!: 100 spins
  • BeenSomeTimeBoi!: 6,000,000 Ryo
  • multiechpee!: 5m EXP
  • New beginnings!: 200 spins
  • RELL2020year!: Spins
  • REELdivine!: 5,000 RELL coins
  • RELLup!: Spins

Once in the game you have to go to the main menu and click on the edit button where you will enter the character customization and if you press the tab key you will have to look for “YouTube code” in the upper right part of the screen where you enter the relevant codes.

Anime fighter simulator

In this adventure we can explore the map to be the first to discover the secret fighters and once you collect and train the strongest fighters you can go to other human users and discover new worlds.


  • Orca Prison Entry Tickets
  • Update25.3 – Tickets
  • TimeTravelTokyo Tickets
  • PassiveBug2 – Token
  • PassiveBug – Token (Reactivated)
  • NinjaCityRaid – 2 tickets
  • NinjaCity – Free Boosts and Defense Tokens (Update 24)
  • 800klikes – Free Boosts and Defense Tokens (Update 23.1)
  • TheHole: Free Rewards
  • 800,000 Likes: Boost
  • Psychic City: Boost
  • IceWaste: Vendor Boosts
  • Kingdom Four: Boosts
  • 1MilFaves: Boost
  • 2K22: Boosts and Defense Tokens
  • 700klikes: Boosts
  • Christmas: Boosts and Christmas present
  • Divine Coliseum: Boosts
  • FlameCity: Fruits and Boosts
  • Thanks600k: increase
  • HalfBillion: Boosts and Raid Ticket
  • SlimeyIsland: Boosts and Raid Ticket
  • Sub2Numerous: EXP Boost
  • Sub2foxpanda: Yen rise
  • Sub2codenex: Lucky Boost
  • Sub2Veyar: Lucky Boost
  • Sulley1M: Increases
  • NewSulley750k: Lucky Boost
  • Other brand: divine fruit
  • Cyclxnee: Yen rise
  • BronzePiece_: EXP Boost
  • RealDaireb: Yen rise

You have to press the Twitter icon that is on the left side of the main screen where a small window will appear where you can paste the codes.

hunter unleashed

It’s inspired by the anime Demon Slayer and in which you have to fight in a dangerous world, customizing your character along the way and fighting against other machine teams and against other human opponents.


  • ;code AZAKA_BOSS1 (1-5) Demon Art
  • ;code giyuhashira1 (1-5) Breath repetition
  • ;code infinitymaze1 (1-5) reroll clan
  • ;code new_upd4te Stat reset
  • ;code t0tem1 (1-5) Race replay
  • ;code water_b0ss1 (1-5) Reroll Slayer Mark
  • ;code b0nusEXPP: EXP Boost
  • ;code dreamon1! (1-10): Reroll Demon Art
  • ;code n3zukoBDA1 (1-10): Demon Art reroll
  • ;code noPointz1! (1-5):Reset stat point
  • ;code pointzzGOGO: Status point reset
  • ;code race190k1 (1-2): race replay
  • ;code raid_dr0pp: drop boost
  • ;code race1! (1-10): Race Replay
  • ;code santa_Clan1 (1-10): reroll clan
  • ;code tanjiroBREATH1 (1-10): breath repetition
  • ;code winterMark1 (1-10): Reroll Slayer Mark
  • ;code winterR4ce1 (1-10): Race replay

Once you start the game you will see a chat window on the left side of the screen. So click on this window and paste the different codes that we have shown you.

Animal Simulator X

It’s set in a world where friendship between different creatures reigns supreme, and the idea is that we can expand our collection of pets while collecting and hatching eggs, also trading them with other players.


  • 1M Followers: 5x Triple Coin Boosts
  • 404roblox: 8x triple coin boosts
  • Tonsofcoins: 3x Triple Coin Boosts

Once you start the game, you should find a circular icon that says “Pets” in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

Once you press it a window will appear and below you will see different icons and you have to click on the star icon.

Another menu will appear and you will need to scroll down until you see the option to redeem the code.

Bee swarm simulator

This time we have to create a honey production empire among all the bees and you need the following codes to be able to achieve such an enterprise.


  • 10mMember: Neon Berry x10, Strawberry x10, Blueberry x10, Pineapple x10, Sunflower Seeds x10, Gummy Bear x10, Moon Magic x10, Haste x10, Focus x10, Red Boost x10, Blue Boost x10, White Boost x10, Black Bear Morph, Conversion Boost, Pineapple -Patch Code Buff, Pepper Patch Code Buff, Stump Field Code Buff
  • RebootFriday: Wealth Clock x5, 1h Conversion Boost, Pine Tree Code Buff, Rose Field Code Buff, Dandelion Field Code Buff, Super Smoothie Buff
  • PlushFriday: Marshmallow Bee x1, Neonberry x1, Micro Converter x1, 1h Conversion Boost, Pine Tree Code Buff, Rose Field Code Buff, Dandelion Field Code Buff, Super Smoothie Buff
  • MondoOutage: Micro Converter x3, Moon Charm x10, Neonberry x1, Marshmallow Bee x1, Mountain Top Field Code Buff, Purple Potion Buff
  • dysentery
  • jumpstart
  • carmenandiego
  • Luther
  • millie
  • WordFactory
  • Troggles
  • millie
  • 1 million likes
  • FORBIDDEN: Tenacious Bee Jelly, also Spider Field Buff
  • Mocito100T: 2 Coconut Field Boost, 2 Coconut Field Capacity, 3 Stingers, 5 Gumdrops, 10 Coconuts and 5 Inspire
  • RedMarket: 1 Pepper Patch Boost, 1 Pepper Patch Capacity and also Pepper Patch Market Boost
  • Cubly: 1 Bumble Bee Jelly, 10 Bitterberry, 1 Micro-Converter, Capacity Code Buff
  • 5mMembers: 5 Bitterberry, 5 Strawberry, 5 Blueberry, 5 Sunflower Seed, 5 Pineapple, 5 Moon Spell, 2 Rose Field Boost, 3 Rose Field Capacity Boost, 2 Pine Forest Boost, 3 Pine Forest Capacity Boost, Science Bear Morph, and also Conversion Boost Buff
  • PineappleParty: 15 Pineapples, 1 Tropical Drink, Marshmallow Bee Buff, Capacity Code Buff, 3 Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Capacity Boost and also Pineapple Patch Market Boost
  • Vivid: Blueberries x25, Blue Extract Buff, Capacity Code Buff, Blue Flower Boost x3, Blue Flower Field Capacity Boost and also Blue Flower Field Market Boost
  • Valentine: Strawberries x25, Baby Love, Red Extract Buff, Rose Field Boost x3 and also Rose Field Capacity Boost
  • BigBag: Capacity code buff
  • Market: Bitterberries x10, Pollen Boost, Pineapple Patch Market Boost and also Sunflower Field Market Boost
  • Teespring: 1 Marshmallow Bee, 3 Bamboo Field Boost and also 3 Bamboo Field Winds
  • 4 MilMembers: 1 Royal Jelly, 4 Field Dice, 4 Micro-Converters, 1 Clover Field Boost, 4 Clover Field Winds and also Mother Bear Morph
  • Tornado: 1 Cloud Vial, 3 Jelly Beans and also 1 Royal Jelly
  • Gumaden10T: 1 Pepper Patch Boost, 3 Pepper Patch Winds, 1 Coconut Field Boost, 3 Coconut Field Winds, 2 Blue Flower Field Boost, 3 Blue Flower Field Winds, 1 Cloud Vial and also 15 Pineapples
  • BeesBuzz123: 1 cloud vial, 3 jelly beans and also 5 gumdrops
  • Breeze: Cactus Field Boost, 3 Dandelion Field Boost, 3 Mushroom Field Boost, 1 Magic Bean, 20 Sunflower Seed and also 3 Micro-Converters

Once you have launched the game, you will see an icon in the options menu in the system in the upper left part of the screen and you need to select “Promotional Codes” in the upper left part of the window that appears.

All Star Tower Defense

The idea is that thanks to the calls with gems we unlock many new characters, some characters with which we can beat the different waves of enemies and rise in the rankings.


  • 1mParty Members: 800 Gems / 800 Gold
  • Superwoop: 400 gems
  • Theme: 1,000 Gems / 750 Gold / EXP IV
  • astdx2022: 500 Gems / 500 Gold / Ice Queen
  • -astddevs: 500 gems / 500 gold / EXP IV
  • world2comingsoon: 250 gems / 200 gold